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Dockteatern Tittut in swedish

Lorpan’s Longing

A newly written play by Stina Wirsén and Ingalill Ellung

We are excited to collaborate with Stina Wirsén for the first time!

Lorpan sits alone in the playground, looking for a friend to play with. Someone who takes play as seriously as she does. With all her energy, she searches and demands her right to play! Lorpan’s Longing is a love letter to play. The joy of finding a friend who plays on equal terms.


Venue: Lundagatan 33

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Director: Ingalill Ellung
Cast: Nina Irendotter & Olivia Skoog 
Puppets Lisa Kjellgren Almstig & Kay Tinbäck du Rees
Set design and costumes: Lisa Kjellgren Almstig & Stina Wirsén
Music: Bengt Ernryd
Lightning design: Magnus Persson

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You pay for your tickets at the theatre box office prior to the performance – it is not possible to collect tickets in advance. We take cards and Swish. No cash payments.

The theatre box office opens on weekends an hour before the performance, and 30 minutes before on weekdays. In case of cancellation or questions, please contact the box office ticket(at) or on 08-720 75 99 during phone hours.

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Photos: Markus Gårder


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