Dockteatern Tittut in swedish

Dockteatern Tittut in swedish


There’s a clear-out of old things and Nalle the teddy bear ends up in one of the boxes. Oh no, shut away in a dark storeroom! Want to go home! Nalle climbs out of the box… hears strange noises… is that someone crying?

Slowly a new world takes shape and Nalle realises there’s much to discover! All the things which have been stored away come magically to life. Nalle meets a friend and together they embark on an amazing journey home again.

Follow Nalle on a journey that’s about fear and longing, joy and hope, about being left and feeling abandoned, and finding courage and strength.

In Lost, the creative team works closely with objects, puppets, sound, lighting and set design to create a big performance on a small scale.

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Idea: Sophia Segrell, Lisa Kjellgren Almstig, Hugo Therkelson & Sigyn Stenqvist
Director: Sophia Segrell
Set design: Sigyn Stenqvist
Music & sound design: Hugo Therkelson
Lightning design: Sigyn Stenqvist & Robin Thorman
Puppets: Lisa Kjellgren Almstig
Cast: Sophia Segrell & Lisa Kjellgren Almstig 

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Photo: Sigyn Stenqvist

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