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Dockteatern Tittut in swedish

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Dockteatern Tittut in swedish


A dance and puppet show inspired by the indigenous Sapmí landscape, in collaboration with Dans i Nord.

Through dance and puppets, the Sami mountain world is brought to life. The snow crunches and squeaks. The ice breaks.

We follow a reindeer calf which becomes separated from its herd. Lost and afraid, it meets some of the animals of the mountain world. The springing hares and pit-a-patter lemmings are enhanced by sound effects and music that drive the story forward.

From this magnificent mountain landscape with its rich wildlife, which has given the Sami more than 200 words for the different kinds of snow: flyaway snow, sticky snow, hard snow, wet snow, icy snow, Tittut now takes its inspiration. This beautiful white land creates the backdrop for the production Snow.


Venue: Lundagatan 33

Cast: Pascal Jansson & Niklas Blomqvist
Idea & dramatisation: Hugo Therkelson, Lisa Kjellgren Almstig, Tobias Ulfvebrand & Sophia Segrell
Director: Sophia Segrell
Puppets, set design and costumes: Lisa Kjellgren Almstig
Music: Tobias Ulfvebrand & Hugo Therkelson
Choreography: Tobias Ulfvebrand & Hugo Therkelson
Sound design: Hugo Therkelson
Lightning design: Robin Thorman

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You pay for your tickets at the theatre box office prior to the performance – it is not possible to collect tickets in advance. We take cards and Swish. No cash payments.

The theatre box office opens on weekends an hour before the performance, and 30 minutes before on weekdays. In case of cancellation or questions, please contact the box office ticket(at) or on 08-720 75 99 during phone hours.

Photos: Jonas Jörneberg


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